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3d Future of Online Retail

Tritail's Awesome Key Features

Tritail 3d online retail systems have a alot of awesome features.These are the key features that we call 'Dream features'...

No need to download

3d - Online and no download required shop experiences

Works on all Platforms

3d online retail systems that works on all platforms (Mobile , Desktop ...)

Integration & Analytics

3d User Analytics & Actual Shop Api / Database Integration

3d Future of Online Retail

Looking for 3d Online Retail experiences for your shop/grocery?

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No download required

No need to download something such as apps or exes or something like these. Tritail's 3d online shop systems live in the cloud and can be integrated to any website.Cause everything is web based. So , visitors only need to visit your website to view your 3d online shop. Isn't it easy?

Works on All platforms

Tritail's 3d online shop systems works on all platforms like Windows , Ios and Android. Works on all browsers like Chrome , Firefox , Opera ,Safari and Edge.Works on mobile and desktops. And can be integrated into all frameworks such as Angular , React. , Vue and Pure JS.. And also can be integrated into mobile apps if you want.



If you want to convert your 3d shop into online playground or promote some products via games , we are in.Tritail's 3d online shop systems has also integrated mini games such as

  • Find 10 products in X brand in 60 seconds
  • Find 20 products in all shelfs in 120 seconds

And other game ideas can be added .If you want a leaderboard , of course no problem sir!

Survey and Feedbacks

Tritail's 3d online shop systems has survey and feedbacks systems.You can get

  • User feedbacks
  • And surveys

And view the survey and feedbacks results on your dashboard.


3D User Analytics

Wıth Tritail's 3d online shop systems , you can

  • Get all user activities in 3d environment
  • Get most stayed shelfs
  • Get most visited products / shelfs
  • Get user view / click heatmaps
  • Get most visited points in 3d shop

Dashboard for Everything

Tritail's 3d online shop systems has its own online dashboard and editors to

  • View / Edit products
  • View / Edit shelfs ( Editor like 2d planogram )
  • View user and product analytics

So you only chose product 2.5d image , place it on the shelf and save it.


API / Database Integration

Can be integrated with actual shop APIs / database.If you have own database of products / product APIs ,no problem we can make integration to our system and you have 3d online shop

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What Type of shops ...

Tritail 3d online retail systems is best suitable for shops such as :

Groceries / Supermarkets

Technology stores


Clothing stores

Cosmetics stores

Shoe stores

3d Future of Online Retail

Innovate your retail business

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Who We Are

We are butique team includes 3d artists , software developers and business strategists who have strong passion about producing creative and amazing 3d products online.We have a lot of experiences on frameworks , 3D content creation and Retailing.







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